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Inline Non-Contact Emitter Sheet Resistance Measurement

Product Detail

    Aurora DM-110h

    Inline Non-Contact Emitter Sheet Resistance Measurement

    The DM-110h accurately and reliably measures emitter sheet resistance inline at full production speeds. The sensor uses safe reflected infrared light to produce high-resolution
    characterization of emitter sheet resistance on a crystalline silicon wafer.

    Representative Measurement Pattern
    Representative Measurement Pattern


    The DM-110h measures the emitter sheet resistance within crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) wafers. This innovative product is the industry’s most accurate and reliable non-contact measurement tool that
    characterizes diffusion and annealing process results. It rapidly performs measurements on a pattern of
    discrete points on each wafer, as presented by an automated wafer handling system. Its patented technology
    provides accurate real-time measurements for process control and optimization.

    The system integrates with Aurora’s Visualize™ quality control system and with furnace automation to align
    measurements with the wafer positions in each batch. This provides real-time visualization of furnace
    performance, both spatially and in time, enabling optimal control and tuning of the diffusion process.