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Headquartered in Hongkong, 

Gauage is founded by a group of partners who have complete interest in semiconductor, optoelectronics and material science. 

Gauage mainly focuses on high-end measuring equipment and device for Solar Photovoltaic market. 

Before joining Gauage, most of chief engineers worked in Solar Photovoltaic and semiconductor field over 15 years.

There is an increasing need for sustainable energy resources,coupled with favorable government regulations. 

These regulations focus on the reduced dependency of fossil fuels and help control environmental pollution.Additionally, 

the rise in demand for solar vehicle around the world 

and low cost energy generation and reduction of the carbon footprint are expected to propel photovoltaic demand 

and are expected to drive the photovoltaic market growth.

Currently we served for lots of key players , such as: Canadian Solar, J&A solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar ,Suntech Power and etc. 

Our service occurs not only in China, but it has already extended to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and other Asia-Pacific regions.

Our motto: Enjoy with renewable and clear Energy. We only have one Earth planet, let Earth be alive for 500 millions again.

Our office address and tel no as below and working hour: ( 09:00am-17:30pm, Monday-Friday).  

Tel: (00852)27108200   Fax:  (00852)27108266