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Auto Spectroscopic Ellipsometer:PH-ASE

Product Detail

    The PH-ASE spectroscopic ellipsometer  measures thickness, refractive index and extinction coefficient of single films and multilayer stacks. Reflection measurements at different incident angles and transmission measurements can be carried out and combined with ellipsometric data.
    Product's Feature:
           The spectroscopic ellipsometer is used for thin film and material characterization in R & D. The spectroscopic ellipsometer is designed to meet the requirements in modern research with special emphasis on speed and accuracy for an unmatched variety of applications.
    Automatic calibration and Measurement
    Measurement of thickness and refractive index of transparent films on absorbing or transparent substrates
    Analysis of amorphous and polysilicon films and SOI films
    Measurement of optical constants of photoresists
    Analysis of organic films
    Measurements of isotropic materials and films
    Eliminates the blind spot of the whole wavelength range
    Measured transparent and absorbing substrates
    Experimental data and simulated 3D graphics data
    Friendly interface, powerful data analysis
    Technique Specification:

    Angle range: 20 ° to 90 ° automatic control ,5°/step
    Wavelength range :350-850nm, 250-1100nm, 190-2500nm: 0.002 ° ~ 0.02 °
    Wavelength accuracy: 1nm
    Measuring time: <8s
    Angle accuracy: 0.01
    Thickness range 0.01 nm - 50,000 nm
    Extinction ratio : 10-6