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SNEC 2023 Exhibitors

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SNEC 2023 Exhibitors "Highlight Short Video" Collection

SNEC 16th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 24-26, 2023. Alongside the event are the SNEC 7th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition, and the SNEC 5th (2023) International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition.


This year's exhibition will feature the highest number of exhibitors to date, showcasing highlights and advanced technologies. To give exhibitors more opportunities to showcase their highlights, the exhibition will introduce a new form of ‘short video’, which will be widely promoted online. The event aims to encourage and recognize technological innovation in the solar, energy storage, and hydrogen industries, and to help the industry stay at the forefront of technology, focusing on core technologies and seizing the initiative for future development. The best short videos will also have the opportunity to be featured in the 'Top Ten Highlights' contest.